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gotta love all those awesome artists :D
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Geoffery app for Pokemates by jadethemobian
Geoffery app for Pokemates
Name: Geofferey McPherson
Nickname: Geo
Birthday: May 17
Age: 24
Crew: The Bloody Fiesta
Job: Seaman, Navigator, information gatherer.
Gender: Male
Preference: Straight
Pokemon: Wingull 
Nature: Timid
Summary Characteristics: Thoroghly cunning
Ability: Keen eye
Height: 5'9"
Weight/Body type: Lean, small.
Personality: A sweet, Timid kind of person. Known to avoid conflict, and for being incredibly loyal.
He has a simple heart, often kind and considerate, although, he's often scared or concerned about one thing or another.
Raised to be a gentleman, he has proper manners and is perfectly willing to think of any lady before himself.
He uses his mind more than anything, and is quickfooted and quickwitted enough to avoid trouble... usually.

He belongs on a Navy prison ship, categorizing all the cargo and prisoners and making sure nothing is in the wrong place.
He's also, mysteriously, does a special job for the Captian, He is in charge of giving and receiving any and all information about various prisoners at his request. The Job he had initially wanted, but couldn't get due to rank... which strangely changed on short notice.
His companions, Morty and Lucifer have a different job. they're in charge of 'fixing' anything that goes wrong, such as a prisoner getting loose.

History: Geoffery was born into a loving home on the coast, He was the olest of four children, he had a caring mother, and a strong father who supported them. His father was a Navy soldier who worked very hard to keep his family and his country at peace. One dark day however, He did not come home from an attack on his ship, leaving his family of four children alone. Geo was 15 at the time, and as his only other brother was the youngest, leaving him to take the role of man of the house. picking up odd jobs here and there to raise money for his family. When he was 17 he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Navy. Had it not been for his father's reputation of a loyal and strong soldier, he would not have been accepted, as he was small for his age despite being hard working. He was not accepted as a soldier however, he became a simple guard acompanied by two other men, Morty the loudred, and Lucifer the hypno. It wasn't the job he wanted, but his rank wasn't high enough for informatant, but categorizing cargo and making sure prisoners stayed in their cells was a simple enough job, and he was content keeping his family fed.
As one who worked mainly below deck, he never saw any action, which suited him just fine, though his companions told him dark and intense tales about vicious, merciless pirates who massecred anyone in sight. Whenever there was any kind of battle, he hid.

One day while on the job, they captured a particular pirate who didn't fit the descriptions his comrades described, He was quiet, gentle, and seemed to have the same goal as any decent man. To be free, and to not be starving. This pirate was however being rescued by a slightly more violent one, though the rescue didn't go as planned as they both ended up trapped below deck and also ended up taking the young wingull as their hostage to find the captain, get off the ship and be free. During the short time Geoffery was held as hostage, he saw with his own eyes the way both sides treated eachother, most of the Navy soldiers were no less stone cold killers than the enemies they described. 
Geo ended up assisting them in their escape, including attacking his own captian to ensure it.
Not long after these events had taken place, His captain ordered to see him privately. Expecting to be now against the law, he was anxious of his punishment. The captain, however, had other plans. He saw Geo's new connection with the enemy side as an advantage, and requested that he were to be promoted to gather information from and about specific pirates and prisoners whether they were in their custody or not.

With his new promotion, his family was in better care than ever. He was allowed to visit regularly, and they were well taken care of.
He had to keep his promotion a secret, no one was meant to know that he was fraternizig among the enemy, the enemy wasn't meant to know either. He had the job he had originally wanted, but it was not what he had expected.
Not long after his 19th birthday, The ship he was on was boarded by pirates, the same ones he had rescued nearly two years ago, who were being pursued by another gang of pirates who controlled a large, well armed vessel. An intense battle ensued as Navy soldiers fought agaisnt the oncoming ship, while inside the hull Geo was attempting to help the stowaways escape. During this battle, a cannonball smahed through the hull of the ship and hit Geo as he was leading the stowaways to the escape boats. He was badly injured, inable to walk. The pirates made a gamble to save him by taking him to the ship's medic then running. They were successful.
A few days after the battle had subsided, Geo was sent to his home on medical leave to recover. He was being paid for his leave, and though his family were worried sick for his health, he was able to spend several months with them back in his mother's care. The pirates visited him once, paid their respect and thanks before leaving him to heal.

When he was finally well enough to return to his duties, he found that many changes had been made. 
His previous captian had been killed in battle, and was replaced by a new captian. This captain had found the papers of information Geo had provided about the pirate enemy, and had requested to promote him even further He intended Geo to be promoted to assasin level, and to take out all the pirates he had so well observed. Geo could not. He refused and asked for his old position back. To this, the new captian told him he knew too much, and had too much history fraternising with the enemy, assisting them, and even had in his history an attack upon a Navy commander. He told geoffery that he would be arrested and put on trial if he refused. And was given a day to decide. 
During this day, Geoffery made up his mind that he had to run. He could not become a cold-blooded killer, and he could not support his family in prison. So he ran, using his knowledge and what money had had to buy a small rig and sailed away.

He never told his family. He didn't want them to be ashamed of him. 

He was on the water as a refugee for several years, staying under the radar, finding small jobs here and there and sending some of his money back to his family when he could. He learned much in this time, as he was a quick learner. He learned how to fix, make, and operate guns, although he was never big on the operating part. He learned the right way to navigate and how to tell if a storm was coming, being a water type, it came almost naturally.

How did you come aboard?: 
While working for a gun shop owner, some Navy soldiers came in, Geo recognized one of them as one of his old partners, Lucifer, the hypno. Geo himself was recognized and confronted outside the store. Lucifer attempted to arrest him, although Geo managed to escape and run to a nearby loading ship, and before he had much time to think, he stowed away aboard it.
This ship was none other than the Bloody Fiesta, he recognized the captian immediately once he had been found out and begged for his life to be spared.
The captian was merciful enough, and thus began Geoffery McPherson's life as a pirate.

Likes: Books, information, and he has a particular liking of sunflower seeds.
Dislikes: Mindless violence, Scary stories, cannons, thunderstorms.
Strengths: He has most of his strength in his mind, able to think his way out of most situations. He is a Ranged attacker, and can often hold his own as long as he can fight from a distance. Lastly, he is very fast and light on his feet, and somewhat nimble.
Faults: He is exceptionally terrible in hand to hand combate and melee fighting, being small he does not have the strength to take on an opponent, combined with his weekness in his chest from when he was hit by a cannon ball, a hard enough punch and he'd be in serious trouble. Also tends to run from more situations than to fight.

- While working at a gun shop, he learned to make himself a gun that shot water instead of steel bullets, that from close up could kill, but for the most part was more of a stun gun.
- He is a family man, and loves children and pets.
- He keeps his uniform as a keepsake, despite the left sleeve being torn off, mostly because it reminds him of his father.
- His favourite foods are sweet foods, and he does not handle spicy foods very well.
- Geoffery's siblings consist of his two twin sisters, Marie and Penelope, who are 6 years younger than he is, and his little brother Josiah, 8 years younger than him.
Theme song: I got nothing.
Aqua leader Archie by jadethemobian
Aqua leader Archie
So I'm a sucker for the original, and I really wanted to draw the Bad boss of Aqua from how I originally knew him. From waaaaaaaaaaay back.
I love this guy.

Personally I'm pretty proud of this, I actually made the lighting look good!
Now I'll go back into my hole and sleep cause I need to get rid of this flu. xD


Archie belongs to nintendo and gamefreak


jadethemobian's Profile Picture
Just call me Jade
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi! I'm just a random girl with a love of art!

I'm self taught, everything I post I worked very hard on, (at least, most of the time ;P) I prefer Tradition art, though I do draw some digital.
My favourite medium is watercolour, though I'm still a bit of an amateur at them.

I love music! (Although, if you ask me what bands I like, I'll stare at you blankly.)

I don't watch many TV shows (I fail as a normal person XD ) but ones I LOVE are:
Doctor Who, Chuck, Avatar (last air bender and Legend of Korra.) Once upon a time, Danny phantom, TMNT.

I'm mainly a Pokemon fanatic, but occasional draw sonic art or other random things :3 I've got a few big project I'm working on, mainly my Mobian pokemon. There's a folder in my gallery just for them if you're curious.
And a comic or two.

I was the founder of a pokemon gijinka RP group... It's kinda dead now, and my RPing has come to a standstill.
But If you know me, and are dying to RP someone, I'd be happy to.

I may not post art as frequently as most other Deviants, I am not good at that. I still love drawing and being on here, but I have lost my momentum for a lot of things. Please don't hate me if I'm slow.

stamp by Shadowstar14

╚══`.¸.JESUS for saving me!

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